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The team at Subnetic solutions are all highly qualified experts in our field who set high service standards which ensures we retain our loyal client base. Since 1999 we have been supplying tailored IT support & solutions for small to medium sized business.

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At Subnetic, we don't just solve your IT issues and leave it at that. Instead, we act as your internal IT support team ready to answer any questions you have making you ready to scale at any level without worrying about your infrastructure.

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Subnetic Solutions has a broad portfolio of IT solutions and services for the specific needs of the small and medium sized business. We are passionate about customer service, offer quality technical expertise and have years of experience in providing IT services.

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Keep up to date with the work we're completing for businesses across Hertfordshire as well as the occasional update about the world of IT.


JUN 21

Could you stake your digital ambitions on your current internet connection?

  In a world where customers expect instant responses, and virtual meetings are now more common than face-to-face, a reliable and fast internet connection isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity. With Covid-19 only accelerating the digital transformation for many SMEs, ... read more


JUN 21

Your employees’ inboxes are the no.1 threat to your cyber security

  Nobody loves your employees' inboxes more than a cyber criminal. All they need is just one of their sophisticated phishing scam email to slip through, and they can gain access to your critical systems. And with over 120million businesses using Microsoft 365, this softwar... read more


MAY 21

As lockdown ends, unlock productivity, cost savings, and cyber-security

What will normal look like for your business in a few months? If you’re anything like us, the last year or so of lockdowns, restrictions and uncertainty will have taught you some hard lessons… and a few new tricks. Fortunately, things are looking a lot brighter now. So ... read more

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We always aim to adapt to our clients every need so if you're looking for more information please don't hesitate to get in touch with us and we'll explain how our bespoke solutions can benefit your business.

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Subnetic manages our IT support; they are very responsive, even when out of office hours, and work diligently to resolve our issues. They have great all-round technical knowledge and understand the challenges we face while remote working. They have a very competitive pricing structure and offer great value for money

Jeremy Anker

Go Interiors

“We have been working with Subnetic for many years. They started as our IT Company and now they supply and manage all our IT Infrastructure, Managed Printers/copiers and supply internet connectivity to our four branches nationwide. The technology is high quality and that generates confidence and speed as we are always printing large quantities of documents. Touch wood, we’ve never had a technical difficulty with our printers, which highlights why we chose them I guess. By using this service, we have saved money and not had to worry about issues that may occur and we are able to focus on our core business activities” 

Penny Edgar

Location One - Financial Controller

I have worked with Subnetic for about 20 years. They are highly competent, very responsive, and courteous. Occasionally we are approached by Subnetic competitors to compare pricing, however, we remain loyal to Subnetic; we know they can do the job to a high level and for us that is paramount. In the final analysis, we frequently discover that the competition cannot deliver to the standards we require. We are a demanding client, we manage complex systems and operate non-mainstream applications. We couldn't do this without the support of Subnetic. 

Andrew Mackenzie

Cleaverland Scott York

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