By Admin, 29/11/2021

Get enterprise level cyber security on an SME budget

Recently, solicitors at a conveyancing firm in Leicestershire found themselves unable to access their own client data, after a cyberattack. The effect? Scores of homebuyers left stranded, a profound loss of revenue, and a reputation torn to shreds. Despite the police being involved, the situation still isn’t resolved, and house sales continue to collapse. These kinds of attacks are happening more and more, so if you want to ensure your SME stays safe and secure, then read on, because here is what you need to know about cyber security.

Cyber criminals who commit these kinds of attacks on SMEs are smart, sophisticated… and probably thousands of miles away. They’ll find any angle they can to attack your business, including:

Malware. This is where software is installed on your computer without your knowledge, and then used to damage, encrypt and disrupt your systems and data.

Hacking. You can always rely on the persistence and patience of a hacker. All they need is one weakness, one unsecure laptop, and they’re in. And when they do get access to your systems, they rarely have altruism in mind.

Phishing. This is where a legit looking email, text or social media message is used to harvest sensitive information like passwords or bank details, which can then be exploited for profit by a cyber attacker.

Although the conveyancing solicitor mentioned above made the news, these kinds of incidents happen to organisations of all shapes and sizes. We suspect that many attacks fly under the radar, with victims ultimately paying a ransom to restore their critical systems, and brushing the ordeal under the carpet.

With larger businesses now investing vast sums into their cyber security, online criminals are increasingly turning their attentions to smaller firms, who they perceive as soft targets.

Keeping your digital crown jewels safe and secure.

As an outsourced IT security provider, Subnetic offers you the kind of substantial cyber security that was previously only accessible to enterprise level organisations. This includes:

Email screening for your whole network, with AI tech capable of spotting new and emerging phishing scams. These kinds of incidents make up two thirds of all current cyber attacks.

A bulletproof anti-virus and hardware firewall that will ensure your network remains impregnable.

Anti-virus software, backed up by the expertise to stay one step ahead of emerging threats.

Off-site backup of your data. If the worse did happen, and you found yourself ‘locked out’ of your system, a regularly updated backup would be within easy reach.

Cyber criminals are only going to get smarter, and that’s why your business needs to get smarter too. Contact us today, and let’s discuss how we can fortify your business, and keep you safe from online criminals.



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