Subnetic manages our IT support; they are very responsive, even when out of office hours, and work diligently to resolve our issues. They have great all-round technical knowledge and understand the challenges we face while remote working. They have a very competitive pricing structure and offer great value for money


National Manufacturing Company

“We have been working with Subnetic for many years. They started as our IT Company and now they supply and manage all our IT Infrastructure, Managed Printers/copiers and supply internet connectivity to our four branches nationwide. The technology is high quality and that generates confidence and speed as we are always printing large quantities of documents. Touch wood, we’ve never had a technical difficulty with our printers, which highlights why we chose them I guess. By using this service, we have saved money and not had to worry about issues that may occur and we are able to focus on our core business activities” 


Suppliers to Film & TV Industry

I have worked with Subnetic for about 20 years. They are highly competent, very responsive, and courteous. Occasionally we are approached by Subnetic competitors to compare pricing, however, we remain loyal to Subnetic; we know they can do the job to a high level and for us that is paramount. In the final analysis, we frequently discover that the competition cannot deliver to the standards we require. We are a demanding client, we manage complex systems and operate non-mainstream applications. We couldn't do this without the support of Subnetic. 


European Intellectual Copyright Firm

I am really impressed by the quality of service provided by Subnetic, whenever we have an issue they will provide an immediate solution. It means we do not have to worry about our IT support, allowing us to concentrate on our core business. Originally, the thought of outsourcing concerned me, as I am used to having control, however Subnetic has delivered great service and left me in no doubt of the value of outsourcing. 


Legal Firm