The key to protecting your Microsoft 365 environment is to adopt a layered security approach. While Microsoft 365’s native security features catch most mass spam waves and known threats, they do not provide sufficient protection against advanced phishing and spear phishing attacks, as well as unknown, polymorphic malware.

Advanced Email Security for Microsoft 365 by Vade provides another layer of security. It enhances protection by using machine learning to predict patterns for new and emerging threats, while building technical profiles for individuals you regularly communicate with, identifying malicious imposters. With Vade, you can relax knowing you are covered

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Cyber criminals are impersonating businesses all over the world. Our security services prevent malicious threats and potential security breaches that can have a huge impact on your organisation.

Malware & Ransomware

Vade fights malware by analysing the email origins, contents and the context of the threat using artificial intelligence. Zero-hour detection and resistance to multi-form malware are its key features.


Using heuristic technology and machine learning, Vade’s search engine identifies dangerous links and associated pages to defend against phishing waves that use URL shortcuts of changes.

Spam & Graymail

The email filter analyses will identify priority email and other emails by their category. Users can access no-priority emails and spam if needed, but the undesirable emails are isolated. 

Spear Phishing & Bec

Vade uses Identity Match technology to detect minor technical and contextual changes of emails that make dangerous emails difficult to identify. It can discover if malware is attempting to usurp identity.

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