By Laura, 02/06/2021

Your employees’ inboxes are the no.1 threat to your cyber security


Nobody loves your employees' inboxes more than a cyber criminal. All they need is just one of their sophisticated phishing scam email to slip through, and they can gain access to your critical systems. And with over 120million businesses using Microsoft 365, this software has become the battleground of choice for ever more cunning hackers. If your business uses the Microsoft 365 suite, then read on, because we know how to level up your layers of security and protect you from serious reputational and financial damage.


Wait a minute, doesn’t Microsoft 365 do this anyway? It certainly does a good job of catching spam.


Microsoft 365’s native security will catch most mass spam, and many known threats. However, when it comes to advance phishing-style attacks, and emerging threats, such as the kind of dreaded malware and ransomware that has brought countless businesses to their knees in recent years, it simply can’t keep up. Hackers, unfortunately, are as smart as they are elusive. And the reality is, they will work night and day for the chance to gain access to your corporate infrastructure and valuable data.

Fortunately, a sophisticated solution exists that can tighten your security, and block the kind of threats that other systems simply can’t spot.


Introducing Advanced Email Security for Microsoft 365 by Vade.


At Subnetic, we partner with Vade to provide substantial and sophisticated top-level of security to protect our clients from advanced threats.

Vade bolts onto 365’s existing protection and uses next-level machine learning to predict patterns. This means it can flush out new and emerging threats to your security. It sits in the background, diligently building technical profiles of everybody your team communicates with, and watches for instances where imposters try to sneak through the net.

It’s complex, but simple to use, and is trusted by businesses all over the world. Currently, Vade protects 500million mailboxes in 76 countries, analyses 10billion emails a day, and detects around 880million phishing scams, and 200million malware attacks a year.




How do I know if Vade is the real deal?


The best way is to try it out yourself, with a free trial. Over several days, Vade will monitor your customer’s emails – passively, without activating its defence capabilities – and then generate a full report. This will give you a breakdown of what Vade would have done if it was active, and offer you an insight into what level of risk is out there.

From there, if you’re ready to defend your systems, we can install Vade. The software simply runs in the background, doing its job without fanfare, or disruption, to your day to day systems. It’s truly install-and-forget technology.


Email security is only going to become a bigger battleground for SMEs.


Cyber attacks are on the rise, and remote working has given cyber-criminals even more opportunities to gain access to systems. Native email protection is a godsend for these people, as it simply can’t keep up with the fast and ruthless nature of their attacks. Which is why we are so eager to offer Vade to the SME community. Currently, it’s the most effective way to defend yourself against critical and costly cyberattacks. To go without is to leave your front door unlocked with your most valuable possessions on show. Do you want to risk your business being crippled by faceless criminals?


Ready to get upgrade your email defences, and give yourself peace of mind? Contact us today.

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