By Laura, 26/04/2021

The benefits of Subnetic’s Managed Print Services for SMEs

Printing costs can often be hard to quantify for businesses, and often go under the radar when it comes to totting up expenditure. However, if you’re one of the estimated 75% of SMEs that rely on printed documentation to support your critical business activities, unless you have a Managed Print Solution, you’re likely spending more than you need to.


Why is printing so expensive?


Printing costs for SMEs come from many different sources:

Replacement printers, spare parts, and maintenance call-outs.

Lost productivity and business delays caused by faulty equipment.

With the rise of colour print volumes in recent years, ink and toner expenditure has increased significantly for many organisations.

Research suggests the average UK office worker prints around 6000 A4 sheets each year.

For some businesses, the cost of printing could be between 3-8% of their total running costs.

Fortunately, our Managed Print Solution can cut these costs significantly, and reduce your security, reliability and carbon footprint at the same time.


What is a Managed Print Solution?


At Subnetic, through our partnership with leading print equipment provider Kyocera, we offer SMEs a strategic approach to reducing printing costs. We start by looking at your specific printing requirements, and then build a bespoke system designed to save you time and money.

With Kyocera’s durable printing, scanning and copying hardware, components no longer need regular replacement and maintenance, and toners and cartridges will last longer than ever before.

Meanwhile, our software gives you command-level visibility of what is being printed, and allows you to streamline outputs to save ink, paper and energy.

The end result? With Subnetic’s Managed Print Solution you’ll experience less downtime, and significantly reduce your printer-related overheads.


What can Subnetic’s Managed Print Solution do for my SME?


Visibility of what is being printed – and at what cost – gives you oversight of your printing volumes and costs.

Avoid downtime. The reliable and resilient equipment Subnetic supply you with means lower repair costs, and a reduction in downtime caused by malfunctioning printer tech.

Security. With digital keycard and keypad access to your printing devices, you can ensure your documentation remain safe and private at all times.

Sustainability. Managed Print Solutions enable you to use less ink, energy and paper, allowing you to meet sustainability goals.

Managed Print Solutions were once thought to be out of the reach of SMEs. However, our Managed Print Solution are designed to meet your needs, no matter the size and scale of your operation. 


Case Study 


Here is an example of how Managed Print services have helped our most recent customer. It has improved their workflow, reduced waste and cut expenses. 

Total cost of ownership - Brother MFC - L8690CDW - £12,309.77 


Total cost of ownership - KYOCERA TASKalfa 2553ci - £8,205.00


By hiring the KYOCERA TASKalfa 2553ci they have saved a total of £4,104.77. 

Average cost per month: £136.75

Average hardware cost per page: £0.01140

Average service cost per page: £0.01595

Average total cost per page: £0.02735


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