By Laura, 09/04/2021

ISDN and the big switch off

Is your telephony ready for the big ISDN switch off?

If you’re among the one million businesses still using ISDN, the date when your business telephony will hang up on you is getting closer. Because in four years’ time, BT will switch off their digital telephony network. And long before that date arrives, ISDN services and contracts will no longer be sold or updated.

Fortunately, the superior capabilities of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony will enhance your customer experience, unlock your ability to boost online sales, and strengthen your security. And thanks to a simple, installation-free changeover process, making the change is easy.

Why is ISDN ending?

When ISDN was launched in 1986, the ability to transmit voice and data over a digital line was a game changer for businesses.

However, we’re now in a new world, and this legacy technology simply can’t keep up with the fast pace of change required to meet modern business needs.

Which is where VoIP comes in…

Innovative yet user friendly. VoIP might sound complex, but as a Cloud based system, the infrastructure is maintained by Subnetic, and our telephony partners. At your end, as long as you have enough bandwidth to connect, it’s a simple case of setting yourself up, logging in to your handset or app, and you’re ready to go.

No hidden costs. No cost local calls, and lower cost international calls will cut your telephone bill drastically.

Reliable and maintenance free tech. Without onsite infrastructure, you won’t have to deal with installation, maintenance costs, or line rental fees. That side of things is taken care of at the server end. No callouts. No expensive replacement parts. No downtime.

Efficiency out of the box. With the ability to manage waiting calls, share documents, see the status of your employees, and video conference at will… VoIP offers plenty to turbo charge the productivity of every-day office tasks. And with integration capabilities with your management software, you’ll get access to valuable insight and data.

Increase web sales. With the ability to give web visitors one click calls, video or text chats direct to your sales team, expect your web conversions to reach new heights.

Accessibility when you need it. Your VoIP handset or app will work anywhere you can access the internet. Perfect for a remote working culture.

As scalable as you need. Business growing fast? There’s no need to disrupt operations by installing new lines and infrastructure. Simply add more extensions to your VoIP package, and you’re away.

Secure. Our VoIP system is secure by design. Whether your staff are remote, in-house, or in the field, your data will always be protected, encrypted, and safe from cyber-threats.


Switching is simple with Subnetic.

Don’t sweat the acronyms, switching is straightforward, and the benefits are ready to go, right out of the box. Depending on your existing bandwidth, setting up VoIP is a simple case of plugging in your handset or opening your app.

And because the infrastructure is Cloud-based, there’s no installation, rewiring or rearranging desks.

We’ve already helped many businesses, small and large, to make the switch… is it time you brought your telephony up to date too?

Ready to move your telephony to the next level? Get in touch today.

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