By Laura, 24/08/2021

Don’t put your telephony switchover on hold

With BT announcing the end of the ISDN network in 2025, many businesses are content to carry on for a few more years before they address the issue. After all, change is stressful and expensive, right? Actually, thanks to its Cloud based infrastructure, and out of the box functionality, next-generation Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony is simple to set up, and will actually cut your telephony costs from day one. Here’s how.

A swift and painless switchover, guaranteed.

When it comes to hardware, VoIP doesn’t require cables, on-site equipment and engineer call-outs. In fact, there isn’t any physical infrastructure for you to worry about. Everything operates through the Cloud. At your end, you’ll either get a handset with each user subscription to your VoIP package, or access to a smartphone app. In terms of your bottom line, that means your line rental costs will be reduced by at least half, possible more, of your current set up. And because VoIP uses the internet to place calls, expect free local calls, and low-cost international rates.

High class hardware, low end costs.

Installing VoIP is a simple matter of connecting and activating your handset or app. No installation fees, no on-site specialists required. And because each user subscription on your VoIP package is a subscription for an extension number, rather than a specific device, your network can move around with your people like never before.

No maintenance or specialist staff required.

Because VoIP is deployed from the Cloud, hardware failures are a thing of the past. Maintenance is taken care of at our end, out of sight, out of mind, with no disruption to your business. That means no more revenue and productivity lost to communication issues, and no need to spend money on expensive engineer call out fees. As long as you have a connection to the internet, you can connect with ease.

Free upgrades.

As VoIP technology rapidly evolves, your phone system will require occasional updates to enable you to take advantage of new capabilities. These will be covered by your contract, carried out when your business is at its quietist, and at no extra cost.

Mobility as standard.

In a world or remote and hybrid working, VoIP really comes into its own. Whether you’re moving all your staff to a new office, or fielding a completely remote team, VoIP can be accessed by via Smartphone apps, meaning mobiles can become part of your network. It’s never been easier, and less expensive, to take your telephony network with you wherever you need it to go.

With VoIP around the corner, why wait until the big pre-2025 rush to switch over? Call us now, for a chat about the future of your phones, and see what our early-access VoIP package could do for your business.


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