By Laura, 22/06/2021

Could you stake your digital ambitions on your current internet connection?


In a world where customers expect instant responses, and virtual meetings are now more common than face-to-face, a reliable and fast internet connection isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity.

With Covid-19 only accelerating the digital transformation for many SMEs, this is a key time to look at how much your internet connection could be costing your business. Because beyond the service charges you pay your supplier, the costs of a patchy and unreliable connection can soon mount up.

According to research, some four million UK companies experienced internet outages in the last year, and collectively paid a cool £12billion due to unplanned downtime. If you add to that the potential damage to customer service levels and productivity rates that even a short period of connectivity issues can create, the cost of not investing in resilient broadband can be very high indeed.

More than that though, being able to rely on your internet connection means giving your SME the ability to embrace all the opportunities a changing digital landscape offer. Want to provide the kind of chatbot support and automated updates that ensure your customer service levels equal those of the biggest companies in the world? Eager to enhance the way Cloud systems and internet telephony empowers collaboration amongst your remote workers?

Achieving these goals starts with a reliable and resilient internet connection.


Connect with Subnetic.

Fortunately, for businesses that need to connect, Subnetic offer next generation services that come with responsive around the clock support, and the kind of reliability you can stake your business on. That means unrivalled uptime, substantial protection from cyberattacks, and high levels of bandwidth to support all your digital needs, from telephony to your critical Cloud systems.

Our services also offer uncontended broadband access, which means your connection isn’t shared with anyone else, and is just for your business. And with a range of packages available, we can ensure everyone in your business can connect, whether they’re remote, located over several sites, or all in one office.

Give your business the digital backbone it needs.

We believe that having a resilient, dedicated internet connection that can support your whole operation shouldn’t just be for the likes of enterprise level organisations and large corporations. That’s why we’ve developed a range of pricing options and bespoke solutions, to ensure SMEs of all shapes and sizes can affordably access our connectivity services, and reach the next level. So if your business needs to connect to a digital future, connect with us today.

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