By Laura, 10/05/2021

As lockdown ends, unlock productivity, cost savings, and cyber-security

What will normal look like for your business in a few months? If you’re anything like us, the last year or so of lockdowns, restrictions and uncertainty will have taught you some hard lessons… and a few new tricks. Fortunately, things are looking a lot brighter now.

So whether it’s going to be a new normal, good old back to normal, or somewhere in between, we can help you. Subnetic have a range of services that can get your office, whether that’s home, or head, ready to embrace a productive and cost-effective future.


Managed IT provides quick solutions, and superior security.

While digital tech made it possible for so many of us to pivot to remote working in a hurry, it also showed the limitations of internal IT support, particularly for SMEs.

Our managed IT service provides the kind of support that ensures your digital technology empowers your business, with around the clock support. If you encounter a problem, we’ll be on hand to resolve it. On average, we can respond to a request for assistance in minutes. And with remote access to your screen, we can get directly to the problem, no matter where you’re based.

Cyber-attacks by opportunists have been on the increase for some time now, and that threat will only increase as we turn to remote working. With Subnetic, you get access the kind of cyber-security expertise larger businesses have used for years. Our specialists will continually monitor for threats, and take precautionary measures that keep you safe and secure.

Managed Print reduces your paper waste, replacement costs, and environmental impact.

The pandemic might have accelerated the digital transformation for many SMEs, but for many organisations, printed documents are still a necessity for all kinds of communication. That isn’t going to change anytime soon, so we have found a way to bring print very much into the digital era, with our managed print services.

In the old normal, faulty printers, wasteful refill cartridges, and hard to quantify costs were an accepted part of high volume printing. So we found a way to make things different.

We supply resilient printing equipment that reduces maintenance costs, gives you oversight of usage through simple, innovative software, and has security protection built in.

Telephony that puts your switchboard in your pocket.

We’ve already talked about the end of ISDN, but making the switch to VoIP telephony now is a great way to meet the challenges of remote and hybrid working head on.

Accessible through handsets, or smartphone apps, our VoIP service can create a seamless, unbroken telephone system that goes wherever you go. Your customer service department can painlessly operate from wherever they need to, and whether your MD is on the road, or in head office, their extension goes with them.

Meanwhile, as your operation grows, you don’t have to worry about wires and cable. Because VoIP is cloud-based, all you need to do is add new subscriptions to your account, and you’re away.

And should the worse happen, and we find ourselves facing further challenges, your VoIP telephony network will remain unflustered, accessible and functional no matter where your people are working.

Are you ready to embrace the future of work? We can help. Get in touch today.